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We are a part of Nature

Sentido Hotels are pioneers in their approach towards environmental issues. Located next to an Underwater Nature Reserve we have an increased responsibility to help the wonderful underwater life and natural beauty surrounding us. Sentido Galomar, as the first energy self-sufficient hotel is actually a case study regarding the Portuguese tourism industry.  Sentido Hotels are actively contributing to the protection of Madeira Island's nature as we have realized that our success is largely determined by our ability to develop in a sustainable manner. As a trendsetter, we believe that we have a necessary duty to protect our community and the environment so that our hotels remain live and resilient for upcoming generations of conscious travelers.

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Garajau Partial Nature ReserveGreen Buddies Project | Certifications |Environmental Report Sustainability Policy|Social Responsibility Policy

Our commitment

Lies with the efficient operation of our hotels, empowerment of local communities, protection of their natural resources, species and ecosystems and equal opportunities as well as continuous education and training for all our employees.

Sustainability Commitments

Goals and actions

1. Engage our guests


· Ensure our guests enjoy a more responsible hotel experience

· Interact with guests and reinforce the positive impacts

· Reinforce guest participation in local activities

· Inform our guests about environmentally friendly behaviors during their holidays “How can you help?”


· Forest day | Reforestation early program: Promote environmental friendly experiences like the plantation of endemic species

· Checkout donation campaign for local associations

· Reuse hotel pool towel and linen - Reduce drinking water and chemicals usage to preserve the environment

· Guided outdoor jogging (flora and fauna protection awareness) 

· Local tours – Promoting typical Madeiran experiences

· Interactive TV System - Less paper information. You can access hotel services information on your TV

· Celebration of Christmas: collecting gifts to donate to children’s institutions

· World Environment Day: Soil and sea cleaning activities in our Nature Reserve


2. Transform our employees in our ambassadors


· Empower people, encourage talent and creativity

· Promote our employees’ wellbeing

· Reinforce the urgency of a sustainable attitude


· Employee of the month and of the year, recognition of work quality and workers positive attitude

· Wellness Week - With workshops, wellness activities, healthy food during working schedule, fitness activities and hotel gym open days.

· Continuous training: Good environmental practices, labour standards.

· Bottle caps collection for donation projects – Collection of plastic bottle caps in order to help disabled people institutions

· Christmas Celebration: Gifts collection for social institutions

· Promote workers exercise with special access conditions to gym facilities


3.Work with the community


· Caring for the most vulnerable

· Protect local ecosystems

· Foster sustainable development and support the community

· Promote local community involvement in hotel initiatives


· Help local council to promote and recover local Levadas

. Checkout donation campaign for local associations

· Donating 10 meals per day (from Monday to Friday) to CASA Association (Homeless People Support Centre)

· Training programs with local schools

· Help a local Animals Association

· Internships program

· Preserving the Natural Reserve

· Helping various local institutions with goods and supplies: mattresses, blankets, clothes, kitchen material

· Support and integrate local activities: Events at the local market, Wine festival, Onion festival, among others.

· Social and environmental partnerships: Parque Natural da Madeira (Natural Park), C.A.S.A, Abraço - helping people with HIV, local community, etc.


4.Partners & Suppliers – long positive relations


· Extend our social and environmental commitments to partners and suppliers

. Involve them in our actions and raise standards all along our value chain



· Partners and suppliers’ meetings

· Reinforce shared values

· Discuss and align our goals

· Engaging partners and suppliers in our actions, initiatives and causes

· Promote our local products and services.

· Develop a purchasing network according to our sustainable standards


5. Food – Healthy and sustainable options and Reducing waste


· Offer our guests healthy and sustainable food, choosing local and seasonal options

· Implement food waste reducing processes

· Increasing our guests' awareness about food waste


. Buy local and seasonal

· Prefer local suppliers, processes, and products

· Promote local and seasonal products: local wine tasting, local dishes, locally produce labels, local food productions tours

· Reduce food waste while helping people: the leftovers from our buffet are donated to C.A.S.A.

· Share our sustainability policies


6. Reduce Natural Resources


· Optimize the use of natural resources

· Increase the use of clean resources



· Water: Water analysis, beach towel and linen reuse program, double flushing in the toilet water tank reduced, flow reducers at showers and sinks, humidity sensors to stop the irrigation systems when raining, seawater use, use of mountain watercourses to irrigate gardens.

· Energy: Electronic keys system, eco lighting (LED), light sensors, off-sensors to Air Conditioning, solar panels production, photovoltaic energy, windows films - to reduce UV radiation and heating

· Paper: Interactive TV in the rooms, use of digital information/communication, paper reuse

· Packaging solutions
- Buy large packages instead of small ones, bottle caps donation.
- Work with regional drinking bottled water suppliers with returnable and reusable water bottles


7. Environment

Protect species and ecosystem


. Reduce plastic waste, clean the sea and soil from plastic pollution

· Reinforce the positive impact of our program

· Ensure the preservation of Nature Partial Reserve of Garajau as well as local nature


· Forest day celebration

· Grow Madeira Island endemic species plants:
- Grow plants easily adapted to our climate - Less water need - No chemicals usage

· Partnership with Natural Park of Madeira to protect the Monk Seal (Life Madeira Lobo Marinho Project)

· Raising local community and guests’ awareness to preserve and protect nature: underwater cleaning actions in partnership with Manta Diving Centre, waste sorting, conservation of local biodiversity.

Sentido Galomar – Eco Hotel

· Not only is the hotel built in an unusual way directly on the cliffs but it has fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean from the moment you get up! The Hotel is exceptional having fulfilled the pioneering role as Madeira's first ecohotel and being sustainable and energy self-sufficient since the summer 2018.

Solar energy

· Solar panels on-site: 542 Photovoltaic panels and 77 Thermal panels

Energy management

· Energy rating A

· "Schneider" system – A system that allows control and monitoring of room and hotel devices.

· Implementation of a GTC system (centralized technical management) in order to monitor in room energy consumption and equipment faults.

· Resources consumption display placed in-room for guest’s consultation in order to raise resources consumption awareness.

· Public charging station for electric vehicles;

· Use of double glazing: use of natural light, thermal and acoustic insulation;

· Special insulation of pipes to prevent thermal losses;

· Solar-powered elevators - renewable energy - savings of around 82%, running single-phase 220V.

· These elevators batteries capture energy from the regenerative VVVF drive making it renewable. Energy autonomy for a total of up to 100 trips.

· Passive solar measurements. Integrating structures that shade the elevation in summer but allowing it to capture the sun in the winter

· Chiller - Desalination (reverse osmosis) - Water cooling (HVAC system) - Pool water heating.

· AVAC technology - Intelligent "heating, ventilation and air conditioning" system

· Efficient lighting system – LED

· Various equipment of the last generation with high energy efficiency. Kitchen OTECGO - otecGoSystems systems are equipped with innovative technology, guaranteeing the reduction of energy costs and no chemicals cleaning process.

· All gas appliances have been replaced by highly efficient electrical equipment, such as refrigerators. – in Atlantis Restaurant kitchen.


Water management

There are 4 circuits in the building:

· Clean water (for drinking and shower baths)

· Rainwater collection and storage system (beach cleaning and garden watering)

· Grey water (flushing)

· Saltwater (swimming pools and chiller cooling)

· Investment in the construction of top tanks for hot water heated through Solar Panels

· Seawater pool - Saving drinking water (Capacity 86m3 = 86,000 liters) and chemicals

Innovative materials

· Resysta - "Rice husk" compound sheets used in furniture and coating - It is an extremely durable recycled material resistant to sun, rain, ice, and even saltwater. It consists of 60% rice husk, 22% common salt, and 18% mineral oil and maintains
the visual appearance of the wood. Compared to wood it requires minimal maintenance and is highly resistant to pests, mold, and cracks

· Wicker handicraft used on the walls decoration of the new hotel reception

· K-life - A compact mineral that uses a process of photocatalysis that makes it an antibacterial stain resistant piece. This process actively improves air quality, based on self-cleaning and promoting air regeneration, eliminating the use of chemicals

· Housekeeping uniforms produced in TENCEL - a naturally occurring synthetic fiber made from cellulose (wood). Its manufacturing process involves a closed cycle in which 100% of its non-toxic solvents are recovered. Water consumption is minimal and eucalyptus trees used to produce the cellulose matter are of a renewable nature

· Preference for the use of materials and products of certified origin and sustainable processes


Garajau Partial Nature Reserve

Next to our hotel's shoreline, Garajau Partial Nature Reserve is the first Portuguese marine reserve. In order to prevent the desertification of the seabed along the coast of Madeira Island, a group of diving lovers proposed the creation of a Nature Reserve. Thus, in 1986 the Garajau Partial Nature Reserve was created and became a truly marine protected paradise. Amongst the Fauna are larger fish such as the Epinephelus guaza (commonly known by Mero) and other coastal species and the Atlantic Manta Rays (manta birostris).

Activities allowed
· amateur diving
· non-motorized nautical sports activities

Prohibited activities

· any commercial or sport phishing activities
· spearfishing
· the use of any type of nets
· the collection, capture, killing or detention of specimens of living creatures and habitat destruction
· the abandonment of waste or rubbish
· the discharge of water from washing vessels and household
· engaging in noisy activities
· using motorized vessels

Green Buddies Project

Skip room cleaning in a friendly and fun way

This project was developed in partnership with a local institution CAO Funchal. CAO Funchal mission is to take care of young people with special needs and promote their professional integration. The project objective is to reduce daily cleaning hours, water, chemicals and electric energy used in the cleaning process. Green Buddies are handmade dolls stitched from Madeira Island textiles and reused materials. How do they work? Our guests simply have to hang their Green Buddy on the door handle, this means that they are skipping daily cleaning.

If you wish to help this Institution and its users, we have Green Buddies available for sale. The total amount totally reverts for the institution and its users.


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